Evenico for Non Profit

Evenico ♥ non profit! Whether your need is strictly event fundraising or a full community engagement portal with events, fundraising, campaigns and donations, we can help!

Event platform or a full Community Portal? Your choice.

Along with all of the features of our standard event platform, Evenico offers a Community Portal (CP) edition that opens a world of engagement opportunities with your audience, including donations, appeals, in memory and untethered fundraising.

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Quick Stats

Robert Connor Dawes Foundation selected Evenico in 2016 for Connor's Run. Check out the live site here.


Participants annually with over 95% of registrations completed online.


Increase in fundraising from $600,000 per annum in 2016 to over $1M in 2018 led by huge increases in fundraiser activation.


Registrants donated to themselves when setting up a fundraising, using Evenico's in flow donation capability.


Saved every year on third-party fundraising commissions. Evenico is a zero commission platform meaning 100% of funds go straight to the cause.

Non Profit Events & Fundraising

Evenico provides specialised capabilities for non profit organisations seeking to transform online engagement for supporters.

Event Fundraising

Runs, walks, bike rides and swims. Combine Evenico's flexible registration and fundraising systems to enable your supporters to maximise their giving potential.
Learn more about Evenico's fundraising features here.

Multi Event Campaigns

Not every event brings together participants in one place. Evenico's campaign capability enables multiple events to be created on varied dates and locations, all wrapped together under an umbrella campaign.

Gala Balls

Sell individual or table tickets in a variety of configurations. Collect registrant data, such as dietary requirements, over time even after the initial sale. Add raffle tickets and accept donations all within the registration flow. Simple.

Conferences & Seminars

Not every event is about fundraising. Evenico enables non profit organisation to set up conferences and seminars events, yet still enables registrants to donate to the cause within the registration flow if they wish.

Community Portal extends Evenico to engage your passionate supporters.

We understand non profit organisations engage supporters through more than just events. Accordingly, we have an edition of Evenico configured to help non profit organisations extend a range of engagement opportunities to supporters.

Evenico CP empowers you to create a comprehensive community portal directly on the Evenico core platform. In addition to Evenico's standard features Evenico CP edition offers:

  • Single and recurring donations
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising independent of events
  • Campaign and appeal pages that accept donations for a specific purpose
  • In Memory and In Tribute giving pages

Ready to see how Evenico CP can work for your non profit? Book a demo or contact us to chat with a non profit specialist.


Accept single and recurring donations and issue receipts immediately.


Empower supporters to set up fundraising for individuals and teams independently of events.

Appeals & Campaigns

Create appeals and campaigns that help drive donations toward a defined goal or purpose.

In Memory

Enable families to create In Memory pages for loved ones who have passed.

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