Evenico for Education

Evenico provides a range of features suited to the education sector, including schools, colleges and universities. Evenico provides registration, fundraising and online store functionality within a unified platform.

Excursions. Concerts. Fundraising. Alumni.

Education institutions host a massive variety and quantity of events each year. From small group registrations through to large events that bring together hundreds or even thousands of participants, Evenico helps unify your event portfolio within a single, beautiful online experience.

Evenico also offers a Community Portal (CP) edition of our platform that is ideal for education institutions who wish to provide online donation and fundraising capacity independently of events, to parents, students and supporters.

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Helpful features for the education sector

Along with our standard list of features, Evenico provides specialised capabilities for the education sector that help solve key challenges with managing a high volume of events with a common target audience.

Unlimited Events

When you have tens or hundreds of registration events each year, Evenico's high volume event capacity helps keen you organised. Sort and filter events by definable categories, automate reporting, and much more.

In Flow Merchandising

Many events require an option to add merchandise, such as course material, clothing, or transport extras. Evenico enables merchandise to be added to the registration flow, making it easy for both registrant and administrator.

Identity System

Education institutions frequently engage a core group of students, alumni and educators. Registrants set up a user name and password once, with subsequent registrations pre-populating key data. Simple and streamlined.

In Flow Donations

Ticketable events with a fundraising orientation, such as school concerts, are ideal opportunities to provide additional gifting capability. Evenico enables donation functionality within the registration flow and is configurable by the administrator.

Community Portal extends Evenico to support year-round appeals & fundraising

We understand education institutions engage its community through more than just events. Accordingly, we have an edition of Evenico configured to help education institutes extend a range of giving opportunities to parents, students, and the broader community.

In addition to Evenico's standard features Evenico CP edition offers:

  • Single and recurring donations
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising independent of events
  • Campaign and appeal pages that accept donations for a specific purpose

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Accept single and recurring donations and issue receipts immediately.


Empower supporters to set up fundraising for individuals and teams independently of events.

Appeals & Campaigns

Create appeals and campaigns that help drive donations toward a defined goal or purpose.

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