Evenico for Corporate

Evenico provides a range of features suited to the corporate sector. Add polish to your conferences, seminars and customer or staff events with Evenico's combination of content management, registration and merchandising tools.

Get professional with your own event platform.

Evenico enable organisations to take control of their event porfolio with a dedicated, own-branded platform that unifies content management, registration and merchandising capabilities for a diverse range of event types.

Evenico's flexible feature set enables organisations to configure a variety of event types within a single platform. Examples include:

  • Conferences and seminars - bring together hundreds or thousands of people and delight them with a great online expereince
  • Customer events - combine Evenico with your CRM to bring together your customer base for education and sales
  • Staff events - Evenico makes an ideal platform for coordinating staff social events, such as training, launch events, festive parties and more

Productive features for the corporates

Along with our standard list of features, Evenico provides specialised capabilities for the corporate sector that help solve key challenges with managing a high volume of events with a common target audience.

Unlimited Events

When you have tens or hundreds of registration events each year, Evenico's high volume event capacity helps keen you organised. Sort and filter events by definable categories, automate reporting, and much more.

Integrate with CRM

Keep track of responses and engagement by integrating Evenico and Salesforce. Automatically create or update contacts, accounts, opportunities and campaigns with no manual data entry. Best of all, it's all real-time.

Identity System

Organisations frequently engage a core group of customers, staff and suppliers. Repeat registrants set up an user name and password once, with subsequent registrations pre-populating key data. Simple and streamlined.

In Flow Merchandising

Many events require the ability to add merchandise, such as accommodation pages, transport and meal extras. Evenico enables merchandise to be added to the registration flow, making it easy for both registrant and administrator.

See how Evenico can transform your events