Major Release: Evenico 2.4

January 14, 2019

Major Release: Evenico 2.4

Welcome to 2019! With the festive season behind us, we're looking forward to an action packed 2019 and we're kicking off the year with the release of Evenico 2.4.

Evenico 2.4 heralds the introduction of a range of new features and upgrades to old favourites. Here's a quick snapshot:

Custom CMS Forms

Evenico has always boasted a powerful and flexible form builder for event registrations. We've extended this system to enable custom form creation for general content pages anywhere on an Evenico website. For example, want to set up a quick survey post-event? How about creating a feedback form? It's now easy and possible directly from the Evenico admin console.


We've added 8 new system reports to help keep you informed on every detail of your event, fundraising, and merchandising.

Terms & Condition System

Different events often have variations in their terms, conditions and waivers. Evenico has developed a system that enables terms and conditions to be set at a global site level along with override capabilities at an event level if required.

Evenico API 1.0

We've finally released version 1.0 of our platform API. The API enables developers and third party applications to leverage data created within Evenico inside a secure, authentication framework. For more information on using the Evenico API, please contact us at

Global Scripts

The admin console now permits the embedding of global scripts in the Header and Body tag sections of the site.

Bug Fix and Quality of Life Updates

As with every release, we've collected feedback from our Customer Community and introduced a range of bug fixes and small, quality of life improvements for our beloved admin users!

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January 14, 2019