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An all-in-one, zero-commission approach allows you to own your fundraising event.

Registration & fundraising page set up at the same time? Easy.

  • Single and multi-ticket registrations with configurable registration questions per ticket type
  • Automatic fundraising page creation by enabling individual and team pages to be set up as part of registration flow
  • Easy social sharing of registration and fundraising pages help increase attendance and donations

Flex your RegistrationGet more from fundraising

How about donations and merchandising?

  • Add donation options to your registration process, even allowing fundraisers to donate to their own pages!
  • Add merchandise options for each registrant or at the biller level. T-shirts, caps, water bottles... you decide.
  • Configure your own combinations to maximise event revenue and sell through.

Get more from merchandisePower up donations

0% commissions.
100% to the cause.

  • Why pay anywhere from 6% to 8% in commissions for every dollar raised? When you own your site, there’s no such thing as commissions.
  • All transactions on Evenico pass straight through to your bank account.
  • Improve donor goodwill by not ask them to cover  ‘administration’ costs on their donations.

How to save more

Get motivational with fundraising gamification

  • Motivate fundraisers with badges for achieving fundraising milestones
  • Fundraisers share badges on social media, driving more awareness of your event
  • Increase average fundraising page revenue

Play around with gamification

All-in-one content, registrations, fundraising & donations

  • Why should your event be spread across multiple platforms? Consolidate on Evenico and simplify the fundraiser and event organiser experience.
  • Full content management (CMS) capability combined with powerful registration and fundraising capabilities.
  • A beautiful and easy digital experience that helps maximise participation, fundraiser activation and donor engagement.

Why is our CMS so great?

We increased online revenue by 30% in our first year with Evenico

Marek Wolski       Robert Connor Dawes Foundation


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Beautiful sites designed & delivered in as little as 10 days.
No sweat.

Evenico sites are delivered ready-to-use. Our team of digital professionals design, build and test so you can focus on the important stuff.


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