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Introducing LaunchPad.
A package of professional services to get your event up and running in as little as 10 days.

3...2...1... Liftoff!

Evenico LaunchPad is our approach to delivering new event sites within a streamlined and predictable project plan. We bring together a crack team of digital strategists, designs, developers and testers to create online event experiences that are both beautiful and effective.

Every project follows a proven 6-step methodology:

Step 1: Strategy & Planning

Your Evenico digital strategist will take the time to learn about what makes your event special and provide a series of recommendations for configuring your site for optimal audience engagement. Your Evenico digital producer will then map out the project with you, provide logical milestones, and help ensure your event site launch is on time and trouble-free.

Step 2: Workflow Set Up

Your Evenico digital producer will help your create the mission critical processes within your event site. This approach enables you to simulate important processes like registrations, adding merchandise and setting up fundraising pages to ensure they work exactly how you intend.

Step 3: Design & Content

Your Evenico digital producer and digital designer will take your event logos, images, content and video and formulate a visual look-and-feel consistent with the your brand and event personality.

Step 4: Development & Implementation

Evenico's development team will pull together the workflows and approved designs from steps 2 and 3 and produce a beautiful, functional and secure website ready for final testing.

Step 5:  Testing

Evenico's QA team will work with you to simulate live payments through your event site and help identify any last minute refinements needed to optimise the digital experience.

Step 6: Handover, Go Live & Training

Finally, your Evenico digital producer will guide you through the go live process and including in depth training to help you get the best from your Evenico site over the course of your event.

Success Support Team

Evenico knows our most important role is to ensure the success of your event. Our Success Support Team provide web and phone-based assistance throughout the lifecycle of your event to help you achieve the best outcome for your organisation and event participants.

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