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Case Study:

Connor's Run
Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

Learn how Evenico helped the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation increase fundraiser engagement from over 4,000 runners for their flagship annual event, resulting in a 30% boost in fundraising revenue.

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Immediate results

In the first year of using Evenico, the Foundation experienced record attendance and a dramatic increase in key performance metrics for the event. These included... 


boost in fundraising revenue

Having a coherent platform, and gamification to keep fundraisers motivated, helped increase revenue to $800,000.

the number of active fundraisers

Making it easy to create, personalise and manage their fundraising page saw 22% of participants actively raise money, up from 11% the previous year.

of registrants donated while registering

Including the option to donate within the registration flow encouraged participants to kick-start their fundraising.

saved in third-party commissions

Meant 100% of funds raised went straight to the cause. (Calculated at 6% of fundraising revenue)

A focus on customer experience

Connor's Run is the signature annual fundraising event hosted by the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation. Now in it's 6th year, the event has raised over $3M for brain cancer research.

In 2017, the Foundation approached Evenico to help transform the online experience for their 4,000+ participants. After several years of splitting the event websites, registration process and fundraising activation across three separate platforms, the Foundation was ready for positive change.

Challenges in previous years

Before switching to Evenico, the Foundation identified a series of challenges common to many non-profit organisations with growing event participation:

Confusing online experience for registrants who wished to fundraise

Difficulty registering groups and setting up fundraising teams

No ability to add merchandise to registration process

Low fundraiser activation. In the year before the Foundation engaged Evenico, only 11% of participants actively fundraised on the third-party fundraising platform used.

An all-in-one solution

Evenico and the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation partnered in 2017 to produce an all-in-one web destination for event participants, fundraisers and supporters. One streamlined workflow enabled new registrants to...


  • Add one or multiple registrants, so you can register your whole family or group of friends.
  • Purchase merchandise such as Connor's Run t-shirts, socks and water bottles
  • Set up fundraising pages for each registrant and create or join a team
  • Make a self-donation to kick-start their fundraising efforts, and earn their first badge

Many other platforms are also packed with features, but its how Evenico brings them together that makes all the difference for engagement and conversion

Marek Wolski       Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

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